Our Story

Clean Master was started in 1958 by my father Raul Hernandez. He had a criminal record and was unable to find employment because of being a conscientious objector of war. He was forced to become self-employed. He walked into a part of Fresno known as the Tower District and met two brothers known as the “Staghetti brothers”. They were Italian and gave my father a mop, bucket, and chemical to strip and wax floors. My father then returned and asked to learn how to clean windows. The Staghettie brothers helped him again.

A Company that Grew

His company grew from janitorial services to carpet installation, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and then flood remedial services. It has accomplished some huge milestones, Clean Master has survived and offered services through 4 economic recessions, 4 major wars, and has kept up in competition with countless other flood remedial service companies serving Fresno. I enjoy working at Clean master because we are helping people through a very stressful time in their lives. I also get to meet the world, in the sense of all customers are so different and no one flood job is ever the same, they differ greatly in size, scope, and severity.

“We take the panic out of disasters and bring order out of chaos.”

Barak Hernandez

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